At AsianHQ you can post music videos, performances, commercials, clips (shows, interviews, dances), etc of artists from Asia. Please read the following before posting:

The Filesharer's Guide to the Galaxy

1.) No low quality files whatsoever. Duh.
2.) Do not share YouSendIt uploads.
3.) Post the sizes of all your uploads next to the download link.
4.) Dong Bang Shin Ki is tagged under TVXQ. Don't argue, just get with it :)
5.) Try to help re-upload if links expire. The original poster is not obligated to re-upload for you. Sorry.
6.) If/when posting albums/singles, go to _tokyotower, mkay?
7.) If possible, screencap videos.
8.) If you have a higher quality file, upload it and ask the original poster to add your link! That way we can all burn hard disk space.
9.) All posts are moderated. Why? We adjust the tags and sort them into the memories.
10.) All post are friends-only. You must be a member to post/read the entries.
11.) Read the FAQ. Please.

WARNING: High quality may be hazardous to your computer. It is recommended that you have a DVD burner or external hard drive to maximize your crack downloading experience. See your local computer electronics store for said supplies.

There's more rules coming when we think of them. Watch out.

P.S. YG files earn you cool points. These aren't actually redeemable for anything, but we'll let you know you got some.