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At AsianHQ you can post music videos, performances, commercials, clips (shows, interviews, dances), etc of artists from Asia. Please read the following before posting:

The Filesharer's Guide to the Galaxy

1.) No low quality files whatsoever. Duh.
2.) Do not share YouSendIt uploads.
3.) Post the sizes of all your uploads next to the download link.
4.) Dong Bang Shin Ki is tagged under TVXQ. Don't argue, just get with it :)
5.) Try to help re-upload if links expire. The original poster is not obligated to re-upload for you. Sorry.
6.) If/when posting albums/singles, go to _tokyotower, mkay?
7.) If possible, screencap videos.
8.) If you have a higher quality file, upload it and ask the original poster to add your link! That way we can all burn hard disk space.
9.) All posts are moderated. Why? We adjust the tags and sort them into the memories.
10.) All post are friends-only. You must be a member to post/read the entries.
11.) Read the FAQ. Please.

WARNING: High quality may be hazardous to your computer. It is recommended that you have a DVD burner or external hard drive to maximize your crack downloading experience. See your local computer electronics store for said supplies.

There's more rules coming when we think of them. Watch out.

P.S. YG files earn you cool points. These aren't actually redeemable for anything, but we'll let you know you got some.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact either of the moderators.


1. How do I make a request..?

Over at Tokyotower, there is a request form. I don't want to start that over here, but I WILL tell you, that if the post are running on, un clear, not to the point, I will delete them, and post the request myself on behalf of the former requestee. Keep it simple, "Hi guys, I really love ___'s new track, and I was wondering if anyone could share the MV/PV. Thanks in advance!". That's all you need to say really. Leave the rest for comments.

2. "Is it okay if I delete my post and re-request? [ because no one ever uploaded for me]"

Very much so! I'd appreciate it if you delete post before you re-request. Just copy and paste the entry, it's not that hard. If it becomes a big ol problem with people not even waiting a day or two, I'll make it a rule. Otherwise, I'm going to try and manage to on Friday's go through and make a big "Oi! These request were not filled, any possible helpers?" post, and let that go through the weekend, and then anything filled if not posted in a seperate post will be put up by me, and you guys can continue to re-request.

3. How do I use gigshare.com and clubbox?

...section coming

4. What is considered HQ?
As of 08/19/06 - After some thinking, me and 7daysandnights have decided that all files [ Minus Commercials ] must now be 90MB or Higher.


[x] Do not flame each other over requests, or uploads.
[x] No intros please! If you want to introduce yourself, include it in a post with a request or upload.
[x] No advertising. None. I will delete it.
[x] Posting is set to moderated and members only.
[x] Wild non-coherent fangirl post = no-no. Post will be deleted.
[x] Please remember to comment when taking a file, even if the uploader does not request it. It's a common courtesy to let someone know their time did not go to waste.

Requesting Rules
[x] When requesting, make sure to SPECIFY WHAT HOST YOU WANT IT FROM. If you can't download files from megaupload, and someone uploads to clubox, it's not really their fault, now is it? So please be sure to specify what you can and can not work with, or what you prefer.
[x] If at all possible, edit post if you have forgotten something. If you feel someone hasn't seen your request wait at least a day before requesting again.

Uploading/Downloading Rules
[x] Please remember to comment when taking a file, even if the uploader does not request it. It's common courtesy to let someone know their time did not go to waste.
[x] If you cross-post, don't leave your mp3/etc files in with the rest.
[x] PLEASE,PLEASE make sure when you upload that the file has the artist name and song name! Also, try to keep everything "romanized". Not everyones computers display asian-characters, nor can everyone read them

How do I upload?


Clubbox (Korean). Each of these sites are great for uploading files, but not all of them work for everyone. Find which ever works best for you and try to use that. We ask that if you're offering to upload albums for free, that you specify what host you'll be using, so later there aren't 50 or so comments asking you to mirror the links,etc. You may also want to download winRAR as a lot of people use this to zip files. It'll unzip both .RAR and .zip files.

...any other uploader is fine. We really just want the files to be up for as long as possible and be shared with everyone [without a downloader-limit]. This is why we don't want to use YousendIt. So, if you have other hosters, feel free to use them.



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